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Randomly popping in, noted a friend, faced a drawing. Most activity I've done in months. I still draw, even got a tablet as a late birthday gift, so I've been mucking around with that and Sai.

Anyway, I'm really happy. People really like my art, and I've gotten a ton of requests, even a few paid! So needless to say, I've been busy.

I know I keep spamming the same link, but I'd really like to see a few more faces I know.…

Anyway, until next time. Stay golden everyone!

Jacki, email me girl. I miss ya.
This is pretty much a dead page now guys. Sorry. I've lost all joy in posting here, or FA.

My art will be posted here from now on…

My music can be found here…

Also, if anyone wants to chat, or play games, here is my XBox Gamer Tag

It's been fun guys, thank you for everything over these years. <3
I now have an In Charactor, Art page up.…

This is where I'll be posting new artwork, and requests I've gotten, as well as (I can') believe this) FAN ART!

So yeah, feel free to swing on by if you'd like.
Hey, remember when I used to be more active here?

Pepperridge Farms remembers.

Anyway, will probably be popping in here and there to dump sketches, then vanish again.

I have a Bookface, and will possibly have an Art Page on said Basefook.

just search Facebook user "Therealbacondaddy"


I'm gonna dump little doodles and drawings I've done...

Of pony.


I figured I'd give it a shot, since..well, why not. It's something new to draw, and somewhat easy..a perfect warm up to get back into drawings. Sides, I've never really drawn a quadruped's actually kinda fun.

You have been warned.
This is what I do in my spare time. I don't really draw much (If not at all) anymore...besides, I'm more of a music man anyway.… <That would be my Soundcloud page. I think I've improved a lot since the last time a lot of you heard anything by me.
I still have a DA?

Holy crap. I haven't been here in like...forever.

Simple really. I'm a musician slash remixer. DA has no place for me, so I'm pretty much done here. I'll pop in once an a while, but that's all, my activity here is nill.

If you're still interested, I'm active a lot on FA, for they have a music section.…

That's me.

I just want to say to everyone I've met here, thank you for all the love and support over the years, all the kind comments, favorites, and positive feedback. I'll never forget any of you.

I've had a good (Well, ok, decent) run here. Met some really awesome people, some even became good, if not best friends IRL, saw some awesome artwork, and had a few laughs.

But....since my main forte is music, I have no place here, until DA decides to allow uploading of music (doubt it), I'll just lurk.

So yeah, to everyone I know here, don't ever give up on what you do best, keep at it! As I will with what i do best: Music.

Take care everyone!

- Fox-Skyline.
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*Walks in and sits down*

Fox:-sigh-, let's just get this over with please?
Me: Sure thing man, this wont take long, let's start, shall we?
Fox: Yes, we shall.

1. Hello! What's your name?
Elan Skyli, but everyone calls me Fox. Can you guess why?

Me: Nope.

2. What's your favorite thing?
It would have to be that sexy little yellow R34 out in the parking lot, Rioko.

Me: I'm rather fond of her myself.
Fox: Back off, she's mine.

3. What's your favorite character?
Besides me? Well, there is this cute wolf girl...hehehe

Me: Giggity.
Fox: -slaps-
Me: Ow, dick! Next question...

4. The least?
*cold stare* Kane Hondaru......

Me: just got really cold in here....

5. What can't you stand on DA?
Drama and attention whores.

Me: Agreed.

6. What are your abilities?
I'm an ex-pro race car driver, know my way around a car top to bottom, and I'm pretty quick on my feet.

Me: You're welcome.
Fox; For what?

7. Favorite food?
I would have to say...well, I am a carnivore, so...meat. I like meat.

Me: Yes, meat is good huh?

8. Have you killed anyone?
Yes. Let's not talk about that, ok?

Me: -gulp- yeah...uh...moving on...

9. Are you a hero, or villain?
I guess you could call me, me. Not good, not evil,

Me: Sounds good to me, next question.

10. If you had met a genie from a lamp, what would you wish for?
To bring my family and people back.

Me: Wow, that's pretty cool man.

11. Favorite drink?
Well, you got me started on this interesting drink called Pepsi.

Me: it is rather yummy huh?
Fox:......did you just say yummy?

12. Friends?
I tend to keep to myself, but I do have a few people I talk to. I'm not going to give out names, due to the fact there are people after me.

Me: I won't tell.
Fox: Don't push it.

13. Family?

Me: Sorry to hear that.
Fox: Kane will pay, that bastard.

14. Have a pie! *pies the character with a pie that contains the character's favorite flavor*

Me: WAIT! It was a joke, I'm sorry I'm sorry!
Fox: *Pies me in the face* YOU DON'T LIKE IT DO YOU BITCH!?

15. Have a bad habit?
Yeah, I can be an ass. Just ask a buddy of mine who I trained hehehe.

Me: yeah, I saw the logs, pretty rough man. Damn
Fox: Well, he learned, didn't he? After he stopped bitching like a pansy, he finally got good, good enough to beat even me. I'm proud of him.

16. What do you do to kill time?
I do time trials to hone my skills, or race. But most of the time is spent collecting thoughts or tuning my car.

Me: You live such an exciting life, huh?
Fox: Sure, you could say that.

17. Who is your favorite hero?
It would be my mentor, rest his soul.

Me: -no comment-
Fox: Next question.

18. If you won a billion dollars, how would you react?
Well, I don't know really. Give me a billion dollars and we'll find out. *grin*

Me: Yeah, let me just write a check....
Fox: You do that.

19. What do you not like?
Whiny bitches. Gahd it's annoying! You lost, get over it.

Me: Haha, true words man, true word.
Fox: *glares* Next...question.

20. Ever always wanted to do something with your most hateful foe?
Yeah, shove my sword through his face and watch him bleed and twitch while I tell him he had it coming.

Me: *hides behind chair*

21. Favorite animal?
I'm partial to foxes. Gee, wonder why?

Me: I like cats myself.
Fox: Well, this isn't about you, now is it cat-boy?

22. Favorite video game?
I don't get much time to play video games.

Me: I bet I could kick your ass in GT.
Fox: I bet I could kick your ass right here.
Me: *gulp*

23. Want me to end this meme?
Want me to end you?

Me: Geeze man, lighten up.
Fox: As stated, I have better things to do with my time. Hurry it up.
Me: Fine...

24. Really?
No jack ass, I rather enjoy wasting my time on answering stupid questions.....

Me: No need to be an ass about it. Wait, before you go!

25. Tag someone before you leave!
*grumble* If it gets you to shut up! I tag Hearse, Tengi, and who ever else whats to do this.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some important stuff to do. *gets up and leaves*

Me: Well...that was.......enlightening....
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So I finished three new tracks. I'll post em later.

But anyway, last night, or should I say, this morning was exciting. Around 1 or 1:30 am, I'm sitting here, mixing a new track, eating some dinner, and chatting with a friend, when I hear a couple cop sirens. Now, this is central Ogden, that's nothing new, but it still piques my interest none-the-less. So I look out my bedroom window to see some green, or dark blue early to mid 2000's Honda Civic, riced out, being tailed by 3 very pissed off Ogden City Police Dodge Charger SRT8 Police Packages, and one quite angry Utah Highway Patrol Charger SRT8. The went hauling balls down Monroe Boulevard, and damn near drifted turning left to fly down my street. Needless to say, that's the second police chase I've seen that close. The first one was back in like 2001-2002, and I nearly got ran down by the suspect vehicle going out to fetch the empty trash container.

So how was your night?
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It's a wonderful thing to play around with when one is bored. Take me for example. I was just messing around on it, and what did I find?…

Guess who!?


Found Sophie!…
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I hope everyone's Christmas was better then mine. My whole entire family pretty much ignored me. I sent out phone calls, texts, even IMs and emails...and got nothing from any of my relatives..

I pretty much just stayed home and slept. Nothing else to do or go anywhere...right?

Special thanks goes out to :iconhearsegurl: She gave me the only gift...a cute little card.

Yeah, ok, so JJ helped me save Abby. but that was because he didn't want to see the car go to the scrap yard.

So how was your guy's Christmas?
Well....I have some awesome news.

Abby, my sweet, and sometimes sassy lil black 1991 Saab 900SE Turbo Cabrio......

Is safe.
This is a journal to pay tribute to the little black Saab 900 SE Turbo Cabriolet I owned.

Her name was Abby, she was a beautiful 1991, full of life, and had one hell of a persona. She always brought a smile to my face, and made me feel, even on my worse days, that everything was going to be ok. I could feel like the world fucking hated me, and all I would have to do is get in, stick my key in, and next thing, I'm listening to the beautiful 2 litre turbo twin cam song, as if she was saying to me: "Don't worry my friend, everything is gonna be just fine, I'll see to that! Now let's go have some fun! =D"

But now, there is nothing.

All I feel is sadness and fear, and it's not mine.

They say a car like that comes around, one you feel attached to, one you could never stand to let go, even if it got totaled, you'd still hold on to the wreckage. She was that car.

I would give anything, ANYTHING to have her home. As I write this, my eyes are watering, because I miss that car so badly. I know, I know, some people look at me and all I hear is: "Why so emotional? it's just a car, there are others out there just like it!"

No. There isn't.

I wasn't even in the market for another Saab after I sold Sophie, but while looking on the classifieds page online, something told me to click on Saab 900. I did. And there she was.
I still remember how her ad started;

"Lord Vader, your car is ready."

And I saw that face, that cute little face of hers, like she was looking right at me and saying: "Hello, my name is Abby, pleased to meet you." I knew right then, I had to have that car, something clicked in me, like no matter what, this car had to be mine.

The day I bought her, was a good day indeed. I remember it was a Saturday, or "Saaburday" as I called it. He wanted $1000 for her, but I asked "Would you take $935?" and he didn't even hesitate, he said "Yeah, that works!" I wonder if he could feel it too? That she chose me?

The one year I spent with her, will always be the best year ever. Even though I had some pit falls, she had a huge repair bill, and lost my job, I always felt better while driving her. But I just feel empty, like a part of my soul was ripped out and destroyed.

I'm really gonna miss that car, I'm doing everything I can on my end to raise money...but to no avail. So I'm just going to have to face facts....I'm going to lose my Abby......

Goodbye sweetheart....we love you.

Note something new by Fox-Skyline

11/15/90- 12/09/10
Yep. Volume 2. Of my Sonic the Hedgehog remix album.

So far the list goes:

Scrap Brain Zone- 100% done (Sonic 1 8 bit)…

Gigalopolis Zone- 100% done (Sonic Chaos)…

Star Light Zone- 100% done (Sonic 1 16 bit)…

Final Zone- 100% done (Sonic 1 16 bit)…

*The Showdown- 100% Done (Sonic Spinball Genesis/Mega Drive)…

Credits- 100% done (Sonic 1 8 bit)…

Lava Reef act 2/Hidden Palace- 100% (Sonic and Knuckles)…

Meta Junglira Zone- maybe 30% done (Sonic Triple Trouble)

And some yet to be named remixes!

So yeah, if anyone is interested, I will post em.

* Denotes new mix
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Ok, not gonna get into Toyota, because we all know whats gone down with them...well, other then a new problem they found. Like some models like the Highlander having bad oil lines.

GM announces Recall on these models for this reason:

It seems the electric power steering unit is prone to failing.

Models affected include, but not limited to:

2005 to 2010 Chevrolet Cobalt (all models including SS Super/Turbocharged)

2007 to 2010 Pontiac G5

2005 and 2006 Pontiac Pursuit sold in Canada

2005 and 2006 Pontiac G4 sold in Mexico.

It's nothing really to be alarmed over, it just makes steering under 15 mph (24 kph) harder. So far this issue had led to over 1100 complaints, 14 crashes, and one injury.

They say the problem is noticed after 20,000 to 30,000 miles (32,000 to 48,000 kilometers), and a light will come on and a chime will sound.

If you know anyone that has one of these models, please, let them know to get it looked at. We had the little black '05 looked at, it's turned over 60K now, and still works like a champ.

But again, it looks as it's still under investigation, but at least GM is willing to fix the issue.

More can be found here:…

Camaro: It is built Like a Rock (tm)

Also, even thought it got literally SPLIT IN HALF, a driver of a Camaro SS in Cincinnati walked away after losing control of his Camaro SS and slicing it in two on a utility pole. His injuries? A scratch on his head.

Pony Wars pt.3?

2009 Seemed to be a good year for the Camaro as well. In June the car out sold Mustang with numbers being Camaro with 9,320 units, as the redesigned 2010 model Mustang only sold 7,362 that month. Granted July both cars suffered declined sales, the Camaro down 2000 and the Mustang down 1000, but the Bow Tie Bad Ass out sold the Icon yet again. Even August's numbers where good. Camaro: 8,680 Mustang: 6,289.

I know I may get some shit from Mustang Fan boys, or just anti Chev guys, but I must admit, Ford is now pulling out all stops with keeping up, and even surpassing the Camaro.
December was good for Ford. Even though last year the Camaro was a top seller for 7 months in a row tallied by total sold.

All I know, is I'm excited. The Muscle Car Wars are back! It's like 1966 again!

Sources: December Mustang Sales:…

Camaro Sales June- August:




Also: I want Dodge in this, the Challenger is to beautiful to be a dismal seller. Maybe Chrysler can do something about it...I dunno...Tune that HEMI more?

Let's see some Challenger/Camaro/Mustang action!

(Also: if anyone can find sale figures for Jan/Feb of this year of the three cars, please let me know!)
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(Copy Pasta cause I fail XD.)

4 years and 4 days after the original song I did called "Gates"
back on 1/20/06, (Day I posted it) I bring you, the new mix.

I always liked this melody, been in my head now, I think I started dabbling with this basic melody back in 1999, and kept working with it. Finally in 2006, after many failed attempts on turning this melody into a full fledged song, I composed "Gates". What this version and the original version share, is very limited. I played it in a different key, omitted a couple sounds, and added a bunch of new patterns. The Steel Drum, Piano and Square Lead patterns return, but the guitar and strings did not. I kept the basic off beat bass line, but instead of just two note changes, decided I was going to add more to it, to spice it up.

I also did a few new things with this, I now have a total of 24 Automation Clips, a good handful of FX and Plug Ins, and yes, Nexus drums, and Sytrus Hyper Saws to really add some color.

All in all, I'm very, very happy with how this turned out. This is how I always envisioned "Gates" to sound when I first started tinkering with the main melody patterns, but up until now, never had the tools or understanding to do so.

Some back story with this particular song:
This tune has been on my hard drive now for 3 years. The original file was known as "Gates 2008", when I first laid down the basic parts for what I hoped to be my best song. But a few months into it, I gave up, it was not going where I wanted it to. So it sat in a dark dusty spot on my hard drive until sometime early 2009 when I found it whilst cleaning up my drive. I had originally intended on just wiping it clean and starting over, (I had done that with a song before) but...something told me 'No, you must finish this, keep at it", so I started back up on it. But around July of '09, I stopped. Again, was not happy with how it was turning out. So it sat, and sat. By this time the file name was changed to "Gates 2009", but it still sat, until again, about October, I picked it up again (By this time I had acquired new VST and VSTi plug ins) and really started hitting it hard. By about December it was nearly finished, and I was loving how it was turning out, so I kept on it. I wanted it to be the last track of 2009, but I never got that far, because I felt if I rushed it like I did with "Hopes and Dreams". So I just kept working on it, adding parts, deleting pats, editing parts, all in all I think the song's history of edits was well over 73 pages long. It was not until just a few days ago I put the final touches on it, and well...I'm very very pleased with my hard work.

Long story short, I'm glad I listened to that voice that told me not to dump this.

Anyway, I present to you: "Gates (2010 Mix)"
. I hope you enjoy!
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Yey Twenty Ten.

That is all.
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As you can tell I haven't been on here in a while. So on my return,I've decided to treat all my friends to two new songs. Well, remixes, but still. Now I bet you're looking for the links here...but they aren't here. Check my gallery and give em a listen.

Anyway, guess I'm back or now.
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Yeah yeah, I know, another remix of Icecap Zone, like the internet really needs another one right? lol

But my version is kinda different, its mellower, brand new bass line, played around with Nexus, and a few other VST's, and VSTi's, and spend a little more time on mastering.

But anyway, long story short, this remix will have a shorter version, for a game this site I go to is making, but I wanted to do an extended "Arranged" version of it, because I really like this tune. I hope you guys like it too!… Icecap (Arranged Trance Mix)

Enjoy! Comments and maybe a vote on NG are always welcomed! <3
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